Designing Molds for Maintenance

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, November 8 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM EST

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Title: Designing Molds for Maintenance


Design for maintenance, at its core, is simply considering the structure and elements of the tool and designing them to be maintenance-friendly. For many years, Wayne Daniel was responsible for a large injection molding operation that included nearly 100 active molds. He became familiar with the mold maintenance department and witnessed the differences between molds that were easy to maintain and those that were not. After those experiences, he has become adamant that ease of maintenance is important to extend tool life and must be considered during the design phase.


The question everyone asks is, “How can you quantify the value and the importance of maintenance?” The quick answer is this: With basic preventive maintenance (PM) systems Canon Virginia has eliminated its internal tool replacement program. Back in the day, like many molders, they budgeted year after year for the replacement of tools after one million cycles. Through innovation and the improvement in design for maintenance processes — as well as the advancement of technology — they extended tool life to two million shots, then three million shots and beyond. Now, they expect that their tooling will last until the end of the product’s life. Come to this session to learn 5 tips for designing your molds for maintenance.