A Digital Revolution: Managing Data from Mold Design to Mold Repair

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, November 8 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST

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Title: A Digital Revolution: Managing Data from Mold Design to Mold Repair


SyBridge Technologies is in the midst of a revolution. The company is leveraging technology in all facets of its business to deliver value to customers. Historically, moldmaking has not been at the forefront of many technological transformations throughout history, SyBridge is out to change that narrative by leveraging a technology-first methodology that is focused on customer satisfaction, operational excellence, and data insights. SyBridge offers end-to-end digital solutions that efficiently manage products throughout their lifecycles – from design and manufacturing to service and repair – achieving industry-leading turnaround time and helping customers improve quality, throughput, and uptime. Come learn how specific features and functions of these digital solutions are helping SyBridge change the game, including the SyBridge Digital Platform that provides a centralized solution for customers to access data, receive production updates, quote new projects, track their products, and more; unified business intelligence that leverages the power of data to manage the business end to end; global data management that works in a distributed world; and, operational excellence that is the integration and evolution of a cohesive suite of business tools.