Applying Industry 4.0 Takes Imagination and Collaboration

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, November 8 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM EST

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Title: Applying Industry 4.0 Takes Imagination and Collaboration


According to A1 Tool Owner Geoff Luther, the Fourth Industrial Revolution—including automation, data exchange, and 3D printing—has given rise to the concept of Industry 4.0, which he believes is now giving way to the Imagination Age. 

To A1 Tool that means building molds with intelligence. But it’s more than that. It takes robust systems and processes to efficiently produce a plastic injection mold today, so understanding your customers’ needs, the tooling requirements, and how best to integrate, monitor, and automate the proper Industry 4.0 technology and/or principle is critical. It takes imagination and collaboration!

For example, A1 Tool has integrated and monitored technologies such as RJG sensors, Mold Flow simulation software, and CVE monitors to improve mold efficiency and determine better preventative maintenance. CVE electronic mold devices monitor and store all the information about a mold's life — cycles completed, cycle time over the tool’s life, cycle time over the last 25,000 cycles, percentage of activity versus downtime, downtime date ranges and increments where mold maintenance was performed. Mold flow technology highlights potential issues, expected cycle times, etc. – all in the design phase. Water temperature and pressure modules provide critical data regarding the mold’s efficiency and preventative maintenance. RJG sensors and processes provide the most informative fill levels, pressures, speeds, and mold repeatability, regardless of what press a mold is run in.

Obviously not all molds need this level of intelligence, so understanding when and where to integrate technology is vital and will set you apart from your competition. Come to this session to learn how the A1 Tool team stretches its imagination, collaborates with industry partners, and pushes the envelope on innovative designs by continual enhancement of its molds using real-time data based on Industry 4.0 technology. Imagine what your shop can do.