Profitability Prediction and Monitoring with 3D-Printed Tooling, Industrial IOT & AI

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Originally Aired - Wednesday, November 9 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM EST

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Title: Profitability Prediction and Monitoring with 3D-Printed Tooling, Industrial IOT & AI


Although conformal cooling is not a new concept, advancements continue to make it a very hot topic. Learn about a new conformal cooling process and algorithm and what it reveals about hot spots and conformal cooling design. This session will cover how to apply predictive engineering modeling to conformal cooling design using a demo part, going through the improvement production validations and reviewing industry 4.0 technology that keeps performance goals on target each step of the way. If you're working with injection-molded parts where cycle time is really important or you're dealing with critical dimensions and tolerances, check out this session on the CoolTool 4.0 technology that can manage both pre and post-production profitability. With predictive engineering modeling, times, temperatures, dimensions and costs are optimized alongside supercharged 3D-metal printed CoolTool mold inserts.

Leveraging technology that was used for the semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry into conformal cooling with additive manufacturing, this team uses a generative design process to identify how to lower cooling time. The times determined before going into production can now be monitored alongside temperature, pressure and proximity sensors, adding more transparency to the performance improvement. Return on investment (ROI) and savings are visible through a Factory Management Platform.